Please note that moving forward you will only be able to deposit Checks using the CheckScan Software installed on computers with check scanners installed. The software is located on the desktop or you can search for it by hitting the start button and searching for “Yardi Systems CheckScan”

If you have never opened the software you will be prompted with dialog box asking for our Voyager URL please enter

Please note that you will only be asked to do this the first time.

One you open the software and login you will be brought up the CheckScan dashboard where you can view posted and unposted batches. Please hit the clear button first then apply the appropriate filters. I suggest the "Date scanned from" to bring up the most recent batches.

If you are starting a new batch click new batch from the dashboard to open up the deposit screen.

If this is the first time using the scanner please ensure that your scanner is selected and that you hit the open scanner button.

If you receive no errors you are ready to scan. If you have any issues please submit a help desk ticket and we will assist you as soon as possible.